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Academic Writing

I started to make academic researches about painting in 2010 with my Master's education. Since then, I have been working on writing about art. Some of my academic researches written in the Turkish language is listed below. 

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Fabulous Depiction
In Turkish Painting After 1950

Master's Thesis - 2013

Play As A Creative Activity
In Painting 

Doctorate Thesis - 2018

Geometric Shapes
In Allyson Grey's Paintings

Research Articles - 2021

Jan Vormann's
Mosaic Art

Research Article - 2020

In Taner Ceylan's
Lost Paintings

Research Articles - 2020

The Lady of Shalott Poetry
John Wİlliam Waterhouse Paintings

Research Article - 2019

Painting As
An Image Reflection

Research Articles - 2019

A Surface Game

Research Article - 2018

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